Ubisoft Shows Off Rainbow Six: Extraction Gameplay In Trailer

At PlayStation’s Showcase, Ubisoft Released A Gameplay Trailer For Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six: Extraction is a spin-off of Rainbow Six: Siege that was originally announced by Ubisoft at E3. Since then, operators for the game have been announced along with unfortunately delays to the release date. Yesterday, at the PlayStation Showcase, Ubisoft released an official gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six: Extraction, to give players a sneak peek at some of the combat, mechanics and abilities.

The trailer commences with a female giving us some information about how the world has ended up in this dire state. Biological warfare, threat of nuclear war and more are minor inconveniences in the face of the greatest terror that humanity must conquer. The game then hops into some gameplay elements and a drone, familiar to Rainbow Six: Siege players can be seen skating around the area.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Gunfights, claymores, fortifying and protecting the areas and some pretty scary enemies can also be seen in the trailer.

Rainbow Six: Extraction is a co-operative experience that throws players into the fight against an alien invasion. They must use all the tools, skills and abilities to fight for the sake of humanity. The game provides eighteen operators to choose from, all of which are familiar to Rainbow Six: Siege players as they have been brought across. These operators have now formed team REACT. Can you make up a team versatile enough to stop the enemy?

Rainbow Six: Extraction launches in January 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia and Luna. The game, with a Standard and Deluxe Edition, can be pre-ordered here. The Deluxe Edition includes three exclusive packs for players to use.

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