Complement Your Teammates In Rainbow Six: Extraction With Finka

Finka’s Operator Showcase Has Revealed Her Helpful Skills In Rainbow Six: Extraction

In June, Ubisoft officially unveiled Rainbow Six: Extraction, a spin-off to its fan-favorite FPS Rainbow Six: Siege and shortly after, at Ubisoft Forward, the company gave fans a first look at the game. Since then, it has been announced that Rainbow Six: Extraction will feature cross-play and cross-save mechanics across all the launch platforms and some operators have been announced. Unfortunately, in July, Ubisoft confirmed that the game’s initial release date would be delayed into January 2022 on PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Ubisoft have officially released a trailer highlighting the skills and abilities of an operator, Finka.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Finka’s background in microbiology makes her the perfect support character who can help teammates survive in battle. Finka’s abilities benefits her teammates as she contributes to the battle using her assault rifle, Spear .308. Finka pushes the human body to its limits as her adrenal surge ability reduces recoil, gives teammates a health boost and increases aim speed. Teammates downed in combat are also revived and unable to be knocked down for a period of time.

Rainbow Six: Extraction is a three player co-op experience where players must fight against an alien invasion using up to eighteen operators. Fans of Rainbow Six: Siege will be familiar with the operators as most are imported across. Players must strategize and choose the best team for each stage of the fight. The game takes players to different regions including New York and San Francisco and across twelve maps where they must defeat the Arch├Žan.

If players want to try Rainbow Six: Siege, they can unlock all eighteen operators playable in Rainbow Six Extraction along with a cosmetics bundles if they purchase the game. What are your thoughts on Rainbow Six: Extraction? Are you excited for its launch? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.