Ubisoft Reveal New Rainbow Six Title: Extraction

Breaking Quarantine

It’s been a big few weeks for the Rainbow Six franchise – A big update for the team-based FPS Rainbow Six Siege has been announced, bringing brand-new characters, maps and gameplay tweaks that are set to shake up the competitive scene. Now, in the lead-up to the Ubisoft Forward presentation at this year’s E3, the next game in the Rainbow Six series has been revealed: Rainbow Six Extraction.

Extraction was revealed with a short teaser trailer, likely heralding some sort of gameplay reveal at the Ubisoft Forward event later this week. From the small amount we see in the trailer, it seems that Extraction will be moving away from the grounded setting of previous games in the series and towards a sci-fi horror tone. The trailer shows a high-security lab of some sort being slowly engulfed by a black mass, spreading from its broken containment unit. Judging by the meteor seen suspended from the ceiling of the lab and the trailer’s description (Unknown. Sentient. Consuming.), it seems that Rainbow Six: Extraction’s enemies could be alien in nature. You can check out the trailer for yourself here:

We’ve known that Rainbow Six: Extraction has been coming for a while now – the initial teaser trailer was shown off at E3 2019. However, the game has been retitled and rebranded between then and now – previously named Rainbow Six: Quarantine, it’s easy to see why Ubisoft might want to avoid any reference to quarantines in the current climate. While there were some gameplay details revealed at the 2019 E3 event, it remains to be seen if the changes between Rainbow Six: Quarantine and Rainbow Six: Extraction run deeper than just a rebranding.

This is just the first look we’re getting of Rainbow Six: Extraction this week. Keep an eye out as the week goes on for more information, as Ubisoft are gearing up for a worldwide reveal at Ubisoft Forward on June 12th.