Brawlhalla Crossover Brings in Master Chief and Arbiter

Finish the Brawl

Let’s be honest. Halo isn’t doing so hot over at Xbox right now. But, follow me… [insert ancient Patrick meme] Why don’t take Halo, and put it in Brawlhalla? Good idea! That is exactly what Ubisoft is doing next month. This was one of the many announcements made yesterday as part of Ubisoft Forward.

The trailer for the crossover is pretty exciting for veteran Halo fans. It shows Master Chief and the Arbiter teaming up to intervene in a match, as well as some gameplay samples. Eagle-eyed fans will see how weapons from the series make their way into the movesets of the unlikely duo.


Master Chief is a crossover skin for Isiah, who uses dual pistols. In this way, Master Chief kind of relearns how to dual wield the Magnum. He also uses the SPNKr Rocket Launcher and the Sniper Rifle. For a brief moment, a detachable turret can be seen in the trailer. 343 Guilty Spark makes an appearance for Master Chief’s signature attacks.

Arbiter is a crossover skin for Sidra, whose main weapon is a cannon. Arbiter uses a Fuel Rod Cannon, as well as his trusty Energy Sword. He can also stick nearby opponents with a Plasma Grenade. You can hear that familiar blip noise.

Brawlhalla is free-to-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The Combat Evolved crossover will go live on July 12th.

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