Halo Infinite Season One: Heroes of Reach Confirms Its End Date

“Remember Reach”… At Least Until This Season Runs Dry

Halo: Infinite content is out, right now. Or at least, the free-to-play component of Halo: Infinite is available for all to enjoy – the full game will wait until early December. But for now, Halo fans have a whole new world of content to grind through, thanks in part to all the content revealed in the game’s first competitive season: Heroes of Reach.

Earning experience by competing in matches, players can earn several rewards from throughout Halo’s history. Various armor options are available through the game’s Battle Pass, many of which are based on iconic characters from Halo: Reach. There’s also a nod to Halo 3: ODST, as well as a couple other games. And of course, even though this is just a “Beta” release, everything you earn will carry over into the game’s full version. See for yourself how many references you can spot!

This, of course, bears an important question: how long do players have to earn all of these rewards? Another tweet clears things up: Heroes of Reach will last until May 2022, after which point we’ll likely see a new season take its place. If the above content didn’t seem like enough for you, fear not: that same tweet promises a barrage of events, each with unique rewards, taking place within the season. The amount of stuff we know about isn’t even close to the total number of unlockable rewards.

Given that Halo: Infinite is a shift back to Halo’s classic era, it makes sense that its first season is a direct homage to a fan-favorite Halo title. Infinite’s story a step away from the controversial “Reclaimer Saga” set up in Halo 4 and 5, we’re back to fighting Covenant (or in this case, ex-Covenant) baddies, the art style deliberately echoes that of Halo 3 and Reach, it’s everything a classic halo fan could love. Fans of that style are likely to see a lot more of that going forward, if players respond well to their take on another studio’s style.