Halo Infinite Will Have an Expected $10 Battle Pass

A Reasonable Battle Pass

Halo Infinite will, unsurprisingly, feature a $10 battle pass. That isn’t a surprise; that is just industry standard at this point for any multiplayer experience. Thankfully, and what is a bit of a surprise, Halo Infinite’s battle pass won’t expire. That means you have a guarantee that you will get your money’s worth provided you like the rewards offered.

You can only have one active at a time gaining XP, but you can switch between them anytime you like. If you see something cool in one your not working on, you can take a break to grab that item before finishing up the one you were working on. The battle pass will feature some legendary cosmetics about every quarter of the battle pass completed, and these will all be within the Halo canon.

If you want some more unique cosmetics not really tied to the canon, you will have to participate in the Fracture event. This recurring event is how players grab unique cosmetics that don’t quite make sense with the Halo canon, such as the teased Yoroi samurai armor.

Halo infinite Preview

Lead Progression Designer Chris Blohm had this to say on the event and cosmetics:

“Multiplayer Spartans aren’t Master Chief. Occasionally they have bright colors. Occasionally, you know, in Reach, they have a flaming helmet. We want to be very careful about how we treat some of these things, and that’s one of the reasons we brought The Fracture in as we brought it in. What we’re saying with a Fracture is very clearly, ‘Hey, this isn’t canon. This isn’t a Spartan that’s fighting the Banished.”

If I end up getting into the Halo Infinite multiplayer, then I will gladly pick up the battle pass. I usually avoid them because I’m not someone who can dedicate a bunch of time to just one game like many of these battle passes demand. Getting rid of that time limit to go through them makes them far more appealing to me. Allowing me to play the game rather than treat it as a job means I can actually have fun and play the game when I want to play the game.