Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Will Add a New Master Rank

Master of Palicoes

Next year, Capcom is expecting to release Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which sounds like a similar follow-up like what Monster Hunter World did with Iceborne before. Sunbreak is said to be a massive expansion and of course there will be additions made over Monster Hunter Rise.

Capcom has recently announced that Sunbreak will add a new quest rank called Master Rank, which will be unlock many more quests for players. This will only be awarded to players that are able to hunt the most powerful monsters around.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

For those who have played Monster Hunter games, you will know this, but for the uninitiated you should learn about your Hunter Rank. Your Hunter Rank or HR will rise as you complete quests, but it can be capped until you meet more specific requirements, such as defeating a certain boss or monster. As your HR rises, harder quests become available.

In Sunbreak, Master Rank quests will be the newest height of difficulty. Monster often have different variants, which become more challenging, so the Master Rank quests will have more powerful versions of monsters from the base game. Some will even have new attacks that players will have to contend with.

The content for Sunbreak will be unlocked upon completing the final quest of the base game, “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”. We wouldn’t want players to stumble into a Master Rank monster before they’re ready, would we?

As the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will be coming out in the New Year, new players should have enough time to get in fighting shape for Sunbreak when it launches in Summer 2022. PC players will have to start a brand new game, since the game lacks cross-save capabilities. Monster Hunter Rise is out now for Nintendo Switch and will be on PC on January 12th.

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