Xbox Series X|S October Update Adds Night Mode and 4K Dashboard

Why Play Games When You Have a 4K Dashboard?

This month, Xbox is pushing out a new quality of life update for the Xbox Series X|S. October is the spookiest month of the year and one of the big ticket items on this update is the Night Mode feature, so that’s coincidentally spooky, right? That may be a stretch, but it also has its uses.

Back during August, we got word that a Night Mode setting was being tested by Xbox Insiders. Last week, Xbox released notes on how Night Mode works and how players can use it. Under the Accessibility tab in Settings, you will find the Night Mode section.

xbox series x feature

Xbox Series X|S owners are now able to customize the brightness for your console’s display, as well as the LED lights on the controller and the console itself. Not only that, but you can have Night Mode be separate from the default brightness and schedule it to automatically activate at specific times.

Another addition is a 4K dashboard, exclusive to Xbox Series X consoles. When playing on a 4K display, the console would take the 1080p display and upscale it to 4K until now. Following this update, the dashboard will be native 4K, which is great if you don’t have any games to play.

Lastly, the Xbox Guide now has a Quick Settings option. This feature is mainly used for switching personal settings on the fly. Consoles with multiple users will benefit from this if different players have different Accessibility preferences. Rather than leave your game and find Settings manually, players will be able to access it from the Guide. This update should be live for all Xbox Series X owners.

Will you be making use of any of these new features? Let us know in the comments below.