Night Mode Is Coming to Xbox Consoles and Controllers

The Light! It Burns!

When you start up a brand new game, there are often some personal settings players like to adjust. Throw on the subtitles, invert the y axis, select the right button mapping, and bump the brightness way up. That’s how your ol’ pal Zane games.

However, when it comes to the real-life lights that your console emits, Xbox gamers have no control over it. It appears that they will soon though. Xbox Insiders that have access to the Alpha Skip-Ahead features are trying out the new Night Mode settings.

Xbox Series X Night Mode

The Xbox Insider program has a few tiers of testing. The Xbox Insiders get early access to certain OS features, the Alpha group gets those features a little earlier, then the Alpha Skip-Ahead try them out even earlier. Right now, the Night Mode is available for Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders, so it is a little ways away.

Night Mode will allow users to change the brightness of the LED buttons on the Xbox consoles and controllers, a feature that has been missing since… well, forever. I have never thought about these buttons, but some players have apparently been asking for it.

As far as the controllers go, turning down the brightness on the guide button may save players some battery life. Y’all don’t want to be caught changing batteries or finding a cable in the middle of an online match. Again, Night Mode is currently in its earliest forms of access, so everyday users will not see it for while.

Is Night Mode an Xbox feature you have been waiting for? Let us know in the comments below.