Deathloop on Sale for Only $40 for PS5 & PC Just 6 Weeks Post-Launch

Deathloop Just Got a Steep Discount for PS5 & PC in the US

Deathloop, which is Arkane Lyon’s critically acclaimed title, has just received its first-ever big price promotion in the United States. Multiple retailers have now slashed a third off the game’s original launch price for its PS5 and PC versions, despite having only been launched to the gaming public on September 14th.

Deathloop’s launch price was $59.99, but it can currently be purchased for only $39.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. This steep discount is the lowest price, to date, for this Bethesda-published title. It is $20 less than Walmart, and $10 less than Target.

deathloop ps5 pc discount

Deathloop is currently only playable on the PS5 and PC, but the discounted price is more widely available for the latter platform. At the moment, the aforementioned price cut makes it the cheapest price for getting the standard PS5 edition of the game. However, Deathloop fans are expecting this to change as Black Friday season comes closer.

The game is advertised as a murder puzzle type that allows its players to assume the role of an assassin named Colt, who is trapped in a time loop while on a lawless island called Blackreef. As the day keeps repeating itself, Deathloop players will gain knowledge and will be able to try out different pathways to make each day different.

To escape this time trap, Deathloop players need to defeat a group of eight targets before the day resets with the use of a variety of modifiable weapons and gadgets, as well as some supernatural skills and abilities. All of these features can be carried over between loops.

Unfortunately, Deathloop will not be playable on other platforms, until, at least, September 14 of next year. By then, the gaming public is expecting the title to be available for Xbox consoles, including Game Pass—especially after Microsoft acquired Bethesda earlier this year.