Persona’s Shoji Meguro Has Left Atlus & Is Working on a New Indie Title

Shoji Meguro Is No Longer With Atlus and Wants to Focus on Indie Game Development

Shoji Meguro, a composer who has provided music for Shin Megami Tensei and its spinoff series Persona, has officially announced his departure from Atlus. Meguro’s name has always been tied with Atlus since 1995. After 26 years with the company, he has decided to leave so he could be an independent freelancer.

shoji meguro atlus departure

Meguro shared on social media that he had actually left Atlus in September so he could pursue independent game development, as well as work as a freelance game composer. He also revealed that he has helped in developing various indie games for the past five years, and that he has officially joined Kodansha Game Creators Lab as one of their independent developers.

Despite his decision to leave Atlus, he did admit that he “will continue to maintain a good relationship with Atlus.” “I hope that those of you who were concerned about the sudden announcement will feel relieved,” Meguro stated.

Kodansha Game Creators Lab also confirmed that they are currently working with the composer to create a new indie title which they plan to reveal at the Indie Live Expo 2021 Winter event that is scheduled on November 6th. Meguro even shared some screenshots of this new game, giving his fans a sneak peek on the project that he is working on.

It remains unknown how Meguro’s recent announcement will impact future Atlus titles. However, it would seem that Meguro has not completely closed the door on working together again in the future. He even told fans that he has a good working relationship with Atlus, and that they can keep looking forward to hearing his musical work on Atlus games in the future. Still, now that he has left the company, fans are somewhat expecting that any future games would not feel the same without his signature compositions.

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