Atlus Happy With Persona 4 Golden’s Steam Success

Atlus Celebrate Persona 4 Golden’s Success on Steam

The Persona series has finally ended up on the PC, with Persona 4 Golden becoming available on Steam earlier this month. Atlus recently took to their official Twitter account to announce their enthusiasm for the new community of gamers that have recently taken to the Persona series. Persona 4 Golden quickly became a top selling Steam game and Atlus have apparently taken note. Persona 4 initially released for the PS2 in 2008, with the golden edition initially releasing on the PS Vita before making it to Steam. Persona fans can also get Persona 5 Royal exclusively for the PS4 right now.

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“From everyone at Atlus, we would like to thank the entire Persona 4 Golden community who have enthusiastically made the Steam launch a success!” said Atlus on their Twitter account. “While the game has been out for a few years now, for some, this will be their first time exploring Inaba and solving the mystery of the Midnight Channel.” Although Persona 4 is quite a dated title, it has received tremendous popularity on Steam, reinvigorating the community while bringing thousands of new fans to the series.

Until the Steam release on PC, Atlus’ Persona series has been exclusive to PlayStation consoles. Persona 5 Scramble brought the franchise to the Nintendo Switch but it is a spin-off and not part of the mainline series of JRPG’s. “Due to the game’s narrative nature, we ask that you refrain from sharing the ending and to please insert a spoiler warning for any critical cutscenes you wish to upload or stream.” While the game has been out for several years now, it’s admirable to see Atlus protecting new fans from spoilers as part of their celebratory statement.

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Source: Gaming Bolt