Insomniac Confirm Spider-Man 2 Is Coming To PlayStation 5

He’s A Menace!

One of the biggest smash-hit releases of the PlayStation 4’s last days, that also carried on over to the next generation, Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is a modern classic of a game. After getting a PS5 remaster and a spin-off title that was similarly critically acclaimed, it’s just been confirmed that Insomniac are working on a full-blown sequel, Spider-Man 2.

There have been plenty of rumors about Spider-Man 2 floating around the internet over the past few months. There’s been whispers of classic Spider-Man villains like The Lizard making an appearance as antagonists, which haven’t quite been dispelled by the reveal trailer. However, there are now two major villains from Spider-Man’s past confirmed to be in the game: Kraven The Hunter and Venom.

The reveal trailer shows both Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, working together to take down a few super-powered menaces while a Russian-accented voice monologues: “For as long as I can remember, I have looked for an equal – one who could push me, one who could surprise me, one who could even beat me.” Comic book fans would recognise the general demeanor of Kraven The Hunter, a big game hunter who’s made it his life’s goal to kill what he considers the most dangerous game – Spider-Man.

However, it won’t only be Kraven that Peter and Miles have to contend with – after last being seen in the Insomniac universe bonded to Harry Osborne, the symbiote is back with a bang as we get our first look at this universe’s interpretation of an iconic Spider-Man villain, Venom. Unfortunately, we don’t get too good a look at him – just a shaded view of his iconic black-and-white costume. Venom’s presence may mean that at some point throughout the game, one of our Spider-Men will bond with the symbiote, letting us play around with Spider-Man’s black suit.

Spider-Man 2 wasn’t given an exact release date, since it’s a little bit away – it’s scheduled to launch in 2023. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any news about the game we can!