Phasmophobia Adds New Single-Player Game Mode

Solo Spookiness

Developer Kinetic Games is celebrating the first year of co-op horror in Phasmophobia with a new update that adds a single-player mode.

The update does what you might expect in fixing some bugs and some of what you probably didn’t expect by adding a single-player mode. You will no longer need to connect to the servers if you feel like going through one of the haunted locations alone.


The update brings more than just a single-player. The journal has received a bit of an overhaul, and you can now check off evidence you have found as well as change settings from the pages themselves as the pause menu has been integrated into the journal. Contracts have been changed a bit, and how much money you get for failing now depends on the difficulty you are playing on, and the ghost type will be revealed after you fail.

New fonts have been added for several languages missing characters.,the VR mute button has been moved to the pause button, ghost orbs will now change location in the room, and players will no longer be able to see the D.O.T.S Projector ghost after they die.


Here is what Kinetic Games had to say on the new update:

“Today, Phasmophobia is one of the highest rated games on Steam, which is incredible and something I never imagined happening. It doesn’t stop there either, we have many great updates planned for the future including this Halloween!”

I’m excited to see what Halloween will bring to the horror game. It is the spooky season after all. This seems like a solid update, especially if you want to play solo. I’m not sure how well that will work as these maps are very clearly designed for multiple people. Still, it doesn’t hurt anyone to have the option and I’m positive somebody will use it.