Highly-Anticipated Freedom Planet Sequel Unveils Its Release Month

Lilac and the Gang Speed Into Action Once More!

It’s been 7 years (yes, 2014 really was that long ago) since the original Freedom Planet first descended upon the unsuspecting masses. An homage to the classic era of Sonic the Hedgehog titles, the game captured the hearts of old and new Sonic fans alike, and was met with a warm reception all around. If you could wait that long since the initial release, you can wait a little longer; Freedom Planet 2 is coming out in the spring of next year!

The new game promises so much more of what fans of the original Freedom Planet loved. Familiar faces sport fresh designs, the gameplay formula can be mixed up with new characters, the game has everything you could want from a sequel. It really feels like something straight out of the 90s/early2000s, and the developers at GalaxyTrail games are just reveling in it all.

The original Freedom Planet began its development as a Sonic: the Hedgehog fangame, but has long since evolved past that original concept. The game’s identity, from gameplay to music to art, can all trace their roots back to SEGA‘s classic games – hence the strong link to past eras of media. If you’ve been feeling nostalgic for saturday-morning cartoons, you’ll feel right at home in Freedom Planet’s world.

A free demo of this new title is already available, but with the final release so close, don’t feel bad if you’d rather wait for the full product. “Going in blind” is an experience that can’t be replicated, so it’s totally understandable if-              You’re downloading it now, aren’t you? Yeah, fair.