Sega Genesis Classics Coming This December to Switch

The Same Day as Smash Bros, Sadly

The Sega Genesis Classics collection is a terrific assembly of big and small Sega titles. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect home for such a collection. The Seventh of December is an objectively terrible day to release that collection on the Switch. Why, you may ask? That’s the release date for the newest Smash Bros., of course!

Sega Genesis Classics

Again, I bear the Sega Classics collection no ill will. Even though Sega has done this collection thing a dozen times before, they still managed to keep it fresh for this latest version. But this seems unwise. Poor Sega.

To recap, there’s some pretty rad features I think more collections like this need to include. That ability to pause and rewind gameplay until you get an impossible section finished? That’s so much cooler than plain old save states. Which this game totally has! Also, it was the first collection in a long while to get me to play more than just Sonic (within this library of games) in a good long while. Sure, some of those RPGs were pretty awful, but some of them were Shining Force! If you’ve never played it, think of an earlier version of Fire Emblem than has ever been released in the West. The Sega Genesis Classics Collection is coming out December 7th, 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.