Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Trippy Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Out to PS5 in 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Release to PS5 Consoles Has Been Delayed to Early 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo just had its gameplay trailer revealed at the PlayStation Showcase 2021. Bethesda’s newest action horror title has been quiet for a while, but has reappeared today at the event, showing off its new visuals. Other than that, no other information about the upcoming game has been announced.

Just this July, it was announced by Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks that the game has been delayed to “early 2022”, despite having been attached to an original release date of later this year for PlayStation and PC. Now, new information has confirmed that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be arriving to PS5 consoles in 2022. This delay, in turn, could mean that the title will also be delayed to Xbox consoles and is expected to launch sometime in 2023. After all, Microsoft acquired Bethesda earlier this year, and will continue to honor PlayStation’s exclusivity agreements with the studio’s current projects.

ghostwire tokyo ps5 release

We want to get the game in your hands as soon as possible so you can experience the unforgettable version of a haunted Tokyo that we have been hard at work building,” Tango stated back in July. “Our new release window will give us time to bring the world of Ghostwire to life as we have always envisioned it.”

Despite being developed by a Bethesda studio, Ghostwire: Tokyo is reportedly going to be one of the game titles that will remain exclusive to PS5, even after the recent acquisition move by Microsoft. To date, the recently revealed Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay trailer gave its fans a good look at what is to come, offering them a glimpse into its story.

Tokyo’s population vanishes in an instant,” wrote Bethesda on social media, sharing a clip of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s gameplay preview. “Deadly supernatural forces invade at the invitation of a dangerous occultist known as Hannya. Strange abilities suddenly awaken in a man named Akito.”