A Lot Of People Have Signed Up For PUBG: New State

That’s A Lot Of People Dropping In

Krafton, Inc. has announced that PUBG: New State has racked up over 25 million pre-registrations on the Google Playstore alone as it prepares to open up pre-registrations on IOS. This certainly tells me that PUBG remains incredibly popular, and people want more of it.

Along with the pre-registration numbers, it was also announced that a second alpha test will take place August 27-29, and you have until the 23 to register. If you want to play a new PUBG experience on mobile, make sure you register now.

Key PUBG: NEW STATE Alpha Test Dates:

  • Alpha Test Application Period: Aug. 9 (04:00 UTC) – Aug. 23 (2:59 UTC)
  • Announcement of Selected Alpha Test Participants: Aug. 26 (2:00 UTC)
  • Pre-Download Period: Aug. 26 (02:00 UTC) – Aug. 27 (5:00 UTC)
  • Alpha Test: Aug. 27 (5:00 UTC) – Aug 29 (11:00 UTC)

Second PUBG: NEW STATE Alpha Test Service Areas:

  • Asia: South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives, Laos, Nepal
  • The Middle East: Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait
  • Other: Turkey, Egypt

So, what is PUBG: New State? It isn’t a full-blown sequel to PUBG, more of a side mobile project. It features an 8×8 futurist map and takes place in the year 2051. It is currently set to release on Android and IOS as a free-to-play title.

I honestly don’t know what to think about this game. PUBG helped ignite the battle royal trend, which I admittedly don’t care that much for, so it isn’t surprising that we are getting a new title. It seems strange to release a free-to-play mobile-only title when PUBG is already available to play on mobile.

While it will have futurist weapons, it is still going for a PUBG: Battlegrounds experience. It seems strange to not popularize on the popularity by making this available on at least PC. Still, with over 25 million pre-registrations, it is clear that people are excited about this.

Source: Press Release