Fall Guys “No Teams” Playlist Lets You Compete Solo

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Last year, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout hit PC and PS4 with extreme popularity and silliness in equal measure. Since then, it has gone through a ton of updates, had a bunch of crossovers, and added a lot of content to keep the Beans coming back.

We all like it when a game adds more stuff, but sometimes you just need things to be taken away. Sometimes less is more. With a game that can get as competitive as Fall Guys, you want the best opportunities to win and with team games in particular, other players can cost you the victory, but there is now a way to avoid that with the “No Teams” playlist.

Fall Guys

As you can probably guess, the “No Teams” playlist only includes games that where players compete on their own. That means you cannot be eliminated because of the poor performance of you teammates, but that also means there is no one to blame for your failures but yourself.

This is not the first time that Fall Guys has changed up the way team games work. Balancing a game can be a never ending struggle, so if you just want to stay out of it entirely, Mediatonic is allowing players to stick to the solo games.

In other Fall Guys news, Nintendo Switch and Xbox owners are still waiting for their port of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S versions were meant to release this Summer, but have been pushed back to the Fall… Guys.

Whether you like the team games or not, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PS4, with more supporting platforms coming later in the year.

Do you prefer the team games or solo games? Let us know in the comments below.