Fall Guys is Nerfing Team Games

It’s Getting Easier to be King of the Castle

My favorite genre of game shows are the ones where people have to either solve puzzles or face physical challenges, like Fort Boyard, Crystal Maze, and Fear Factor or where people just plain fall down a lot, like Takeshi’s Castle or Total Wipeout. For the most part these games haven’t translated well into video game form, and while you can argue that the former genre has inspired some truly fantastic games, like the Nonary Games series, the latter has never been well represented, which is a part of why Fall Guys has become so popular less than three weeks after release. The game perfectly balances the comedy and skill aspects of something like Takeshi’s Castle, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the style lends itself perfectly to the Battle Royale format.

That’s not to say that the game is perfect – far from it – but one of the most common complaints has been addressed, as team games are getting another nerf.

Team games already received a nerf that prevented them from being randomly selected for two rounds in a row, but this new nerf prevents one from being chosen unless the teams are equal. Complaining about a bad team has become memetic on its own but add to the frustration of one team having fewer players – especially in a round like Jinxed, where the goal is to jinx every member of the opposing team before yours is jinxed – and it can lead to a level of frustration that isn’t what developer Mediatonic intended. The gameĀ can be frustrating, but it should at least beĀ fair.

Among other changes to the upcoming patch are the removal of some exploits and fixes to some of the more common bugs and nerfs.

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