Alan Wake 2 Might Already Be In Full Production Phase

A New Fiscal Report From Remedy Has Fueled Rumours That Alan Wake 2 is Now In Full Production

Alan Wake 2 may already be in the works. It was made public a little over a year ago that Remedy Entertainment entered a publishing agreement with Epic Games for two games, one “smaller scale game” and one full-blown AAA project. Now, a fiscal report has confirmed that the bigger project has now moved to final production.

It was rumoured earlier this year that this bigger game, which has remained untitled to date, will be Alan Wake 2. It was industry insider Jeff Grubb that revealed on a March 2021 live stream that a little birdie told him Remedy and Epic are making Alan Wake 2. “I have heard that Remedy is going to be making Alan Wake 2 with Epic,” he said. Apparently, there was a bidding war over the Alan Wake franchise, but “Epic had the best publishing deal.

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As compared to other store exclusive game deal from Epic—wherein the company established temporary exclusivity—they were actually going to publish this upcoming title. With that said, if this AAA game is going to be Alan Wake 2, then it is expected to be a permanent Epic Games Store exclusive.

Alan Wake 2 fans remember that Remedy previously had struggles financing Alan Wake 2—even though they finally got the rights back from Microsoft back in 2019. However, it is worth noting that the last AWE expansion for Control—Remedy’s latest shooter—featured the return of Alan Wake. This then further fueled rumours that Alan Wake 2 is coming sooner than later.

These two games are said to be entirely separate from Remedy’s Control franchise, which the devs are still working on. CEO Tero Virtala has confirmed that the sequel to Control is still in its pre-production phase. “We are still working on Control,” said Virtala in a recent earnings call. “We are expanding the world of Control.”