Final Fantasy 14 Soundtrack Now Enjoyable On Spotify

The OST For Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers Got Added to Spotify, Apple Music, and Others

The soundtrack for Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers can now be enjoyed on Spotify and other music streaming services. The expansion is known for its great music compilation, and now the Final Fantasy community can listen to it non-stop on Spotify, Amazon Music, Line Music, AWA, and Apple Music.

Square Enix has slowly been adding music from the Final Fantasy 14 series—one expansion after another. The Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers soundtrack features such amazing tracks, that gamers who have not tried Final Fantasy 14  may be convinced to give it a try and enjoy what it has to offer.

final fantasy 14 soundtrack

One new feature Final Fantasy 14 has just come out with is its Polar Bear Mount. This new flying Polar Bear Mount can be obtained via the game’s Moonfire Faire event, which is an annual thing for the franchise. This year’s event has been dubbed “Unseasonable Chills.” The players—which have to be level 30 or above—will just have to go to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and meet Mayaru Moyaru. From there, a sequence of events have to be completed that will eventually give players the Polar Bear Horn, which, in turn, will teach them how they can mount the creature. It has the crystal ice mount action that features some frosty effects for added fun. This free feature will be available through August 26th.

Newcomers to the franchise will have to understand that Final Fantasy 14 is not a single player game and is actually an MMO. Throughout their journey, players will be meeting other gamers who will assist them in taking on bosses that need bigger groups to defeat.

Final Fantasy 14 was released over a decade ago, but it has managed to stay strong through the years under the guidance of Naoki Yoshida. The franchise has received a lot of well-deserved praise since its initial launch.