Humankind’s Late Game Features Revealed In Developer Focus Video

In A Recent Focus Video, Humankind’s Developers Have Showcased Some Late Game Features

Humankind is a historical strategy game where players are given the opportunity to rewrite history and combine cultures and civilizations like never before. Humankind is set to release on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and Stadia on August 17th. Fans can pre-purchase the standard and deluxe editions now. As the game’s release quickly approaches, Balthazar Auger, Senior Game Designer and Isabelle Lallemand, Game Designer, have gone into a deep-dive of the game’s late game features.


In the feature, the game’s late game, specifically from World War I to modern day looks like. In the Industrial and Contemporary Era, society faces new challenges that must be overcome. The developers have tried to ensure that the late game is captivating and fans are able to carry out trade, research, projects, air warfare and nuclear weapons. If players use a nuke, the opponent has time to respond, meaning all-round destruction.

From Era 5, the game will introduce a pollution element, and players will have to take measures to combat against it, or fall to its whim.

Players will be able to upgrade their trade routes from trains to cargo planes, multiple projects including space exploration and upgrades in battles as ranged weapons outdo melee attacks. The addition of machine guns completely changes the combat game, along with armored vehicles and more.

If players purchase Humankind’s deluxe edition, besides the base game, they will receive the Notre-Dame DLC pack, digital OST, a G2G badge and unit and tech tree PDF poster. The deluxe edition is currently available for USD$49.79 on Steam, at a17% discount.

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SOURCE: Press Release