Humankind Hopes to Re-Imagine Classic Strategy Game Mechanics

It’s More Than Just a Bunch of Dirt

Humankind might not be the most original game ever made, but it is certainly trying to stand out from other strategy games by adding its own flair to previous mechanics. At first glance, Humankind looks like a Civilization clone. While this is not an unfair judgment, that does not mean that it is going to play and behave exactly like Civ. Amplitude, the developers behind the game are looking to really flush out and re-imagine old, overlooked features that are common throughout the genre. In their most recent video, they dive into how the terrain is going to work in Humankind.

The terrain is not random in Humankind, you will get different biodomes depending on where you are located on a continent. The elevation also plays a large factor. This could create things like mountain ranges, grasslands, rivers, swaps, and much more. The landscape of a game might be overlooked when you are playing, but it really can play a huge role in a smooth and fun experience. Especially when strategy comes into play.

Different terrain is going to offer certain tactical advantages depending on what you are doing. Mountains and tall hills are going to give buffs to scouting units. Attacking from an elevated position is also going to grant the aggressor a bonus. High ground is key.

However, the most important part of terrain is going to be farms and city locations. Certain crops can only be grown in specific areas and some tiles are not going to be able to grow food at all. You will have to be very particular when choosing where is settle down. It could mean the difference between winning and losing.