Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is Now Available Worldwide

15 Years Later, They Finally Made it Happen

We’ve been waiting on Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown for a long, long time–15 years, to be specific. Generally, when a franchise takes that long to publish its next installment, the result is disappointing, but Virtua Fighter 5 appears to have defied this curse. The forefather of 3D fighting games was given a new lease on life as part of Sega’s 60th Anniversary project, returning to the arena equipped with new graphics, online features, music, visual effects, and more. The team behind this resurrected classic are eager for fans of the series to finally experience the results of their hard work. Judging by this launch trailer, the results are jaw-dropping. Or rather, jaw-breaking. Check out the impact of those kicks.

“Our fans are unbelievably passionate and we’re so excited for them to get their hands on Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown,” said Seiji Aoki, Chief Producer. “This project was developed as a gift for our community – an opportunity to return to an iconic, groundbreaking series beloved by so many. We can’t wait for players to jump back in the ring with the fully reimagined, definitive edition of one of the greatest fighting games of all-time.”

On top of the stunning new graphics, enhanced online play that allows for Tournaments, Leagues, a Spectate Mode, and 16-player private rooms, the game will also offer a variety of customization options upon release. These options include:

  • Character customization items (around 2000 types)
  • Alternate Costumes for all 19 playable characters
  • Original Virtua Fighter retro character models (38 total, 2 for each playable character)
  • Original Virtua Fighter retro stage and battle UI
  • Nearly 180 new and classic songs/background tracks for every stage in the game
  • 36 additional Spectator stamps

A Virtua Fighter reboot has been in discussion for quite a while, at least since Ed Boon of NetherRealm Studios tweeted that someone needed to reboot the Virtua Fighter franchise. While NetherRealm does not appear to have been involved with the creation of Virtua Fighter 5, it can’t be denied that he said what fans around the world were thinking. For that, Ed Boon, we thank you.

Virtua Fighter 5 key art

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is now available on PS4 at $29.99, with the DLC separately available for $9.99.

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SOURCE: Press Release