Be Your Bloody Best With V Rising This Year

It’s A Top-Down Vampire Survival Game!

Being a vampire can’t be all glamor and gore. There’s also a thriving night life, and the ruthless cultivation of power! V Rising, the latest project from Stunlock Studios, got an announcement trailer earlier this week. The game treats Dracula like a highly competitive, coveted CEO position, which seems like… sign me up, truly.

V Rising

You play a vampire just trying to make a name for yourself in this cutthroat world. You’ve gotta stay out of the sunlight, eat properly, and maintain your castle. Expanding your castle and its powerful secrets will require alliances (or wars) with other aspiring vampire lords. Also, the humans will probably try and drive a stake through your heart at some point. So you know, keep that on the back burner.

The trailer doesn’t feature much in the way of gameplay, but the game’s Steam page has a screenshot or two. Everything happens from that top-down perspective, which includes base maintenance and vicious combat. There are powers to unlock, lands to conquer, and other players to contend with. I’m so ready to start my vampire kingdom, which will happen (in beta form) sometime later this year. You can wishlist the game on Steam, and there’s a closed beta signup form on their official website. For a glimpse of the game’s tone and overarching narrative, check out the trailer embedded below.