False Alarm Everyone, Square Enix is Not Up For Sale

That’s a Load Off Our Minds

Just about everyone in the gaming field knows about Square Enix. This is the Tokyo-based giant that brought us Final Fantasy, after all, along with a ton of other fantastic RPGs (and Marvel’s Avengers, but don’t hold that against them). Naturally, when a report claiming that multiple buyers were looking at acquiring Square Enix began floating around, people got worried. The Final Fantasy games have been getting tamer and tamer over the years on their own, they don’t need help from publishers like EA or Nintendo. When the report was turned into an article on Bloomberg, concerns reached an all-time high. But don’t worry, Square Enix has gone out of their way to deny the rumors.

“Bloomberg has reported today that there is interest from several buyers to acquire Square Enix,” reads the statement. “However, this report is not based on any announcement by Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.”

Well, that’s a huge relief! We’re glad to hear that Square Enix is not on the market. Even if Final Fantasy XV was a bit disappointing, we don’t want to see the franchise drowning under the unrealistic expectations of outside buyers. Let’s not have Square Enix go the way of Blizzard, okay?

For those of you who are just here for Final Fantasy news, we’re sorry to say that Final Fantasy XVI is still in the works. We can direct you to the official teaser website, though, which is still gorgeous. We can also share some cool features the game will contain, such as a story-focused mode. It looks good so far.

Final Fantasy XVI

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