Waiting For a Final Fantasy XVI Update? Prepare to Wait a While

The Legacy of the Crystals is Going to Carry on For a While

Final Fantasy XVI is a game we’ve been waiting on for a while. Even before its official announcement, we had reason to suspect a new game was in development, so the announcement last year didn’t come as a surprise. Still, we know relatively little about the game’s story or gameplay. We know that the game will follow Clive, firstborn son of Archduke Rosaria, who’s passed over as dominant of the eikon Phoenix in favor of his younger brother, Joshua. We know that the game has a fantasy setting, and that the world is being consumed by a mysterious blight. We know that crystals are a big part of the game, as are eikons – this game’s take on summons – but that’s it. Enough to get us theorizing, but not enough to give us anything concrete to work on on a wider scale.

Still, it looks like updates will continue to be few and far between, as Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that future updates will focus on quality over quantity.

“Each person will probably have their own sort of idea or image of what the next Final Fantasy should be,” Yoshida told the Washington Post. “Saying something half-baked is definitely very high risk. If something gets spoken about, someone will pick it up on social and it starts to spread around and people will form expectations. So with Final Fantasy XVI, whenever we do reveal more information on it, we hope to show what kind of game it’s going to bring, and what kind of excitement we can bring.”

Essentially, don’t expect to get updates every week, as the team will be playing coy with the details – at least until they have something concrete to say. Given the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 got so much criticism for releasing in such a broken state compared to what was promised, this is undoubtedly a smart move – albeit one that’s bound to disappoint a lot of players.

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