Final Fantasy XVI Has a Story Focused Mode – And One That Ramps Up the Action

Everyone Has a Different Fantasy

Final Fantasy has come a long way. From the last chance at making it big with an RPG to one of the biggest franchises in gaming, Final Fantasy has evolved with the times from a turn-based RPG to the more action-oriented titles of recent years, like Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy XVI is continuing that trend. From what we’ve seen of the gameplay (See the above trailer) you’ll be able to wield the power of different eikons (this entry’s take on summons)  Monsters are agile, and the game is even ramping up the gore, especially compared to the relatively bloodless earlier entries, being the first game in the series aiming for an M rating.

Still, Action-RPG’s aren’t for everyone. Final Fantasy VII Remake got around this with the introduction of Classic mode, where attacking, evading, dodging, and walking were all performed automatically, and Final Fantasy XVI will likewise have several game modes – one that lets players experience the story while the other will ramp up the action.

Producer Naoki Yoshida stated: “We strongly want people to enjoy the story, so we’re preparing a mode for those who want to focus on the story.”

We don’t know at this point how this will play out – after all, alongside Classic Mode Final Fantasy had Easy mode, which simply lowered the difficulty of the battles compared to Normal Mode – but it’s great that Yoshida and the rest of the team at Square Enix are putting so much thought into making sure everyone can enjoy the story they’ve crafted – something that’s traditionally been a strong point in the series0 and given what we know of the story, Final Fantasy XVI could well be the darkest, most ambitious in the series yet.

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