Final Fantasy XVI Could Be Coming to Other Platforms After All

Could The Crystal’s Light Shine Elsewhere?

Final Fantasy XVI was announced late last year, and among other things the game made news for the fact that it would be exclusive to PS5 and PC – although news of a PC release was quickly rolled back. While it’s possible that the game will be a timed exclusive, we still don’t have anything to go on to confirm this.

The game is eschewing the more futuristic setting of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake in exchange for a medieval setting more akin to the classic games. The world, Valisthea, is blessed by the light of the magical Mothercrystals, and its people lived in relative peace until a mysterious blight began to spread, leading the various countries closer and closer to war.

We still don’t know much about the game other than it’s an Action-RPG as opposed to the turn-based systems popular in classic games. )In fact, we haven’t seen a purely turn-based system since Final Fantasy X-2 in 2013) but we do know that the game will originally be a PlayStation exclusive, but according to a Brazillian PS5 advert that could change, and we could see the game eventually make the leap to other platforms, as the fine print beneath at the bottom of the clip shown says “not available on other platforms for a limited time after launching on PS5” – at least, when translated.

We don’t know what other platforms this could mean. A likely explanation would be that we’ll eventually see a PC release of the game, but could we go a step further and see the game ported to Xbox or Switch? If so this would seemingly put a dent in the theories that Sony is going to counter Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda. by purchasing Square Enix.

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