ICYMI: Black Skylands Playtest Live On Steam

Getting Ahead of The Summer Launch

We’re getting way into the backwoods with this one, but that Black Skylands playtest isn’t over yet! If you missed this announcement last month, there’s still a few days to get your hands on an early build of the game. After it’s over, there’s nothing to do but wait for the game’s release sometime in the next couple of months.

Black Skylands

Currently scheduled for a Q2 2021 release on Steam, Black Skylands is a pixelated top-down airship combat adventure with a whole mess of delicious buzzwords riding shotgun. Farming/management sections AND bullet hell combat mechanics? It sounds like pure tonal whiplash, but the trailer embedded below makes it seem extremely plausible. Maybe two great tastes can taste great together?

You can check here to see if playtest access is in your immediate future. Even if you fail to get a foot in the door, it’s not THAT long until Q2 2021, right? Heck, that’s technically right now! I always thought Stardew Valley could use more high-altitude airship violence, and here it is! Not to mention the addition of open world exploration and what I can only assume is a robust selection of dirigible customization options. No point in plowing through the clouds in a creaking wooden box without like, a minibar installed, you know?

SOURCE: Press Release