Google Stadia Bringing Blue Fire to Their Game Catalogue

Stadia Scoops Up Another

One of February’s indie titles that a lot of people had their eyes on was Blue Fire from Graffiti Games. It came out and was met with moderately positive reviews, including our own. Blue Fire draws inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia, and Dark Souls, but kind of struggles to find its own identity. Still, if you can get past the challenging platforming sections, you will enjoy it if those games are what you like. Right now, Blue Fire is only on PC and Nintendo Switch, but it seems that Stadia owners will be able to play it as well.

Blue Fire Launch Trailer

This week, Graffiti Games released news that Blue Fire would be headed to Stadia, though an official release date has not be cemented. In our review, we mentioned that there were some framerate issues on the Switch, but Stadia’s hardware is a little more powerful, so hopefully it is better suited for this game. If you are a console player that has been eyeing this game, this may be a sign of hope. Though Blue Fire has not been released on Xbox or PlayStation, maybe Graffiti Games is open to having ports for those platforms as well.

If you enjoyed Blue Fire, it might please you to know that more platforms are supporting the game, but it does not look like their will be additional content coming. At least there is no word of that, right now. Blue Fire is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch, and will be coming to Google Stadia soon.

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