Dead by Daylight’s Trickster is Getting an Upgrade

Will This Send Him Shooting Up the Charts?

Dead by Daylight‘s newest killer, The Trickster, isn’t even out yet, but he’s already drawn strong opinions from the PTB. The general consensus is that, while he has interesting perks and design, his power is lackluster – while his rapid-fire throwing knives are certainly deadly in the right hands, the fact that you need multiple hits to down a survivor means that fans see him as a lesser version of The Huntress – another ranged killer who can damage, or even down a survivor with one hit.

Luckily, the team at Behaviour took to Twitter to confirm that the chapter is getting a remix – or changes, in decidedly less thematic terms.

The biggest changes are to The Trickster himself, who’s receiving some notable buffs to his power. Main Event – a super mode where The Trickster throws knives at an even faster rate, even after them running out – now throws the knives automatically, and without depleting his stock – meaning that you can keep your precious knives even after the event is over. He’s also getting a buff to his trick knives add-on, which now ricochet twice at the expense of losing bonus ricochet damage.

Also getting boosts are four of the new perks:

  • Starstruck, which inflicts the exposed effect on survivors in your terror radius when carrying a downed survivor, will refresh whenever the survivor re-enters your radius.
  • No Way Out, which blocks the exit gates for each survivor hooked, now has a base of 10 seconds, and an additional 4/6/8 seconds – for a maximum of 42 seconds.
  • Smash Hit, which gives players a speed boost after stunning the killer with a pallet, has an increased duration of four seconds.
  • Self-preservation now hides your pools of blood and grunts of pain from the killer, as well as your scratch marks.

All in all there’s a lot to take in, and while we don’t know quite yet where The Trickster will land in the meta, the new changes should at least address some common complaints.

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