Take a Look at Deathloop’s Weapons in This New Video

Get Ready For the Explosive Action

Deathloop is a game that’s worth getting excited for, so it’s easy to forget that we’ve seen relatively little of the game. The game takes Dishonored‘s assassinations and core mechanics – such as multiple paths to success and supernatural powers – and adds a fresh twist: protagonist Colt is stuck in a time loop, and the only way to escape is to kill all eight of his targets within the same 24-hour cycle. Obviously, This is easier said than done, especially given that the inhabitants of Blackreef Island don’t want the party to end.

Luckily, Game Informer got an exclusive first look at the weapons in the upcoming game, and we got to see a couple of other cool details along the way, too.

Not all of the weapons are represented, but let’s start simple with the melee machete, which Colt can use to cleave through his foes. We also have seperate versions of common weapons, likely suited for different approaches; for example there are multiple pistols on display. It’s likely that we’ll be able to make a “build”, as it were. For example, the PT-6 ‘Striker’ is a long-range rifle useful for a stealthier approach compared to the Sepulchra Breteira – a loud sniper rifle. After all, there’s three different pistols in your arsenal – what’s the point, if not for different approaches? My favorite is the Heritage Gun, which seemingly fires magical explosions.

We also get a glimpse of some of Colt’s powers, such as blinking to far-away areas, telekinetically throwing your enemies, or even linking them together for a quick multi kill.

Deathloop Gameplay Trailer

While all those powers may be familiar to Dishonored fans, Deathloop brings its own style to the table – it’s not just the Sixties inspiration, words will appear in mid-air – some of which with statements like “The Voice of the Future” while others seemingly offer advice, such as warning players off a dangerous path. Perhaps there’ll be a mechanic where Colt can leave these messages for himself in different loops? We’ll find out when the game drops on May 21.

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