Most Overwatch Players Didn’t Notice This Subtle Change

Overwatch’s Volskaya Industries Changed Slightly

Blizzard Entertainment has officially made a slight tweak to the Volskaya Industries map that only a few eagle-eyed fans noticed. Typically Blizzard is vocal about important balance changes, map changes, etc. but in this case, the fans had to find out for themselves. Most of these changes are noticed ahead of time by fans playing on the PTR server, but this map change slipped through the cracks. Overwatch is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The map in question that Blizzard Entertainment recently made a slight tweak to is Volskaya Industries. The map has tons of opportunities to flank opponents playing defensively, but one of the flank options was recently made a little bit harder due to a railing seemingly being buffed. A railing that Overwatch fans used to be able to break with one melee now requires two hits to break, causing some disadvantaged fans to die when they expected to land safely on a nearby platform.

“Whichever Overwatch developer/engineer changed it to where that f*****g railing on Volskaya’s flank doesn’t break off one melee… I hope you step on a lego,” said an eagle-eyed Overwatch gamer known as Brian St. Pierre. Alongside the disgruntled Tweet was a clip of Widowmaker quickly falling to her death after a quick grapple followed by one melee attack. The trick with these new railings is apparently to hit them twice akin to the Double Tap in Zombieland.

Did you notice this map change in Overwatch or is this a surprise to you? Let us know in the comments below!