Gamers Still Like the Design of the Original Xbox

The Creator of the Original Xbox Teases New Console

The creator of the original Xbox, Seamus Blackley, has taken to Twitter to tease a new concept ahead of contacting Phil Spencer himself. He shared a photo that resembled the original Xbox unit with a sleeker silver and white design. Seamus Blackley teased a future console that looks like the original Xbox but it streams every title from the original lineup like a superior mini console. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the extensive Game Pass lineup to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

“If there was a device that looked like this, that streamed and played OG Xbox games ONLY, would you desire it? Asking for a friend,” said Seamus Blackley on his official Twitter account. “Hey everybody- before I irritate Phil– I’m psyched people like this idea. I wanted to see if people were still psyched about our old design. I’m amazed by the response. Maybe this is possible. It’s hard, all this stuff. But sometimes it’s worth the pain.”

While the NES and SNES got mini consoles with some of their best titles on them and the PS1 mini released to a bit of a wet fart, Microsoft has yet to announce an Xbox mini or Xbox classic. If Seamus Blackley is to be believed, it seems like a future Xbox mini could possibly include every title in the Xbox library. While this would be technologically possible, the biggest struggle for the company would be to acquire the legal rights to distribute so many titles through a new Xbox mini.

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