Dead By Daylight HUD Getting Another Update Following Complaints

Sometimes it Feels Like You Can’t Do Anything Right

BHVR are in a tricky spot. Any buff/nerf to either survivors or killers in Dead by Daylight will be seen as unfair to one camp or the other, and even reorganizing maps will draw a lot of complaints from survivors who can no longer abuse an infinite loop or killers who can’t take advantage of a tricky tech to take down an unsuspecting survivor. Still, every so often, both sides unite to complain about BHVR. Most recently, this complaint was due to the overwhelming number of bugs in the new chapter, but now players have something new to complain about.

The User Interface.

A lot of the things with the new HUD make sense. A hook counter lets you keep track of how many times you’ve hooked survivors – key for keeping track of where you stand in terms of ranking up or taking advantage of specific perks – and now each survivor has an icon so you know exactly who each player is controlling, making it easier to keep track of who has which perks or which items. Still, people complained about these new features, and BHVR are adapting the HUD accordingly to try and alleviate the complaints.

Here’s what BHVR have changed in the work in progress:

  • Lowered survivor status
  • Lowered the hook counter
  • Moved the objectives from the top to the bottom left
  • Removed text from objectives

You’ll also be given the option to scale the skill check counter, which are crucial for survivors to take advantage of some perks or perform actions like healing or fixing generators.

Will this be enough? Well, that depends. A common complaint has been that the survivor status icons don’t fit the game’s aesthetic, despite being helpful, and one fanmade concept floating around has been getting a lot of love for doing what the official version does but in a more fitting way. Will BHVR adapt the current plans to take this into account? Well, it’s possible – they’ve certainly been listening to fans issues with the game, so while the black and white drawn aesthetic isn’t something that’s in the pipeline at the moment, it’s certainly something that we could see in the future.

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