Couples Who Cosplay Together, Slay Together

A Valentines Special Cosplay FeatureĀ 

It’s the weekend which means another cosplay feature to highlight and promote some amazing artists in the community! As it’s Valentine’s day, we wanted to feature some amazing cosplay couples and characters. It’s amazing finding a person you absolutely vibe with and the fact that they share the same passions as you makes all of these photo sets even more special. Scroll on through to see some of our favourites we found!

Starting us off is Dark Mischief Cosplay and Thorofsd. This wife and husband team is basically our cosplay couple goals.

Cosplay CoupleThor and Lady Loki – Marvel

Cosplay Couple

Westley and Princess Buttercup – The Princess Bride

Cosplay Couple

Aquaman & Mera – DC

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Check out our feature for the beautiful Adami Langley, the absolutely stunning Hane Ame, or the incredible work of Plexi Cosplays. If you guys want to see even more cute cosplay couples, check out the feature we did last year celebrating Valentines with more cosplay couples!

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