We Celebrate Valentines Day With Some of the Sweetest Cosplay Couples

A Valentines Cosplay Couple Feature 

We here at COGconnected love featuring some of the steamiest cosplays around, with it being Valentines day weekend, we wanted to do something a bit different. When you have a hobby that can be deemed a bit out of the norm in today’s society, it can be hard trying to find that special someone who not only is okay with said hobby but also partakes in it. So this weekend we are wanting to feature some fantastic cosplay couples who not only cosplay on their own but also frequently cosplays with together. Cause you know what they say, couples who cosplay together stays together. Please also note, not all of the couples featured here are necessarily couples however the characters they’re portraying most certainly are.

Cosplay Couple

Xayah and Rakan from League of Legends is one of the games’ first characters that were both released at the same time and work oh so well as an ADC and Support. Xayah is cosplayed by the talented Hellune Cosplay and Rakan is cosplayed by her partner Axel Cosplay. You can also check out their CosCouple Instagram Team Astral Cosplay.


Cosplay Couple

MJ and Spiderman is such a classic romance! Skarini Cosplay does an excellent job with her soft and loving expression alongside her partner, Spider_sbo.


Cosplay Couple

Check out this awesome rendition of Queen Vegeta by Elaine Rose Cosplay and her partner in crime kaiokenkosplay.

Be sure to check out the stunningly gorgeous Enayla cosplay the sexy cosplay of YuzuPyon and the beautiful cosplayer Meg Turney.

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