Dead by Daylight’s New Chapter Has Some Issues

Dead by Daylight is no stranger to glitches or bad patches. Whether it was their attempt to fix auras rendering them nearly invisible, an attempt to fix the uneven matchmaking resulting in an even worse system which was quickly rolled back, or one particularly hilarious glitch which results in Leatherface flying through the air, glitches happen, and why wouldn’t they? With dozens of unique killers with their own powers, millions of players, and dozens of perks, glitches are bound to occur, but the new chapter has led to a lot of rage in the community.

Victor was feeling a little cold and needed to warm up from deadbydaylight

First, the most glaring issue: The new killer, The Twins, have the ability to separate, with Charlotte launching her parasitic twin Victor to chase down survivors. Unfortunately, a frequent glitch resuts in Victor being rooted in place. Players can still use his secondary power – Victor will reveal the position of any survivors in his vicinity – but can’t take advantage of his increased speed or ability to attack survivors. If his power does work then another glitch can result in Victor being rooted in place when attacking a locker where a healthy survivoris hiding.

Further glitches include the Twins’ perk Hoarder neither increasing the number of chests or decreasing the rarity of items found within and their shared mori animation, which involves Victor lunging at survivors, will instead result in him jumping away from the victim – in one case, seen above, into a fire. Other glitches not mentioned in the patch notes – but which have been taking Reddit by storm – include the inability for killers to destroy pallets, resulting in the creation of infinite loops, or killer The Legion – who’s whole ability involves sprinting to wound multiple survivors at once – has lost the speed boost granted by his frenzy.

Developer Behaviour generally fix any issues relatively fast, but with this many errors it may be a waiting game, and many players have been questioning why they released the latest chapter with so many issues – especially since many of the issues were present in the PTB, but BHVR have seemingly not taken those issues into account.

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Source: Reddit