CD Projekt Red Warn Lucky Players Not to Stream Cyberpunk 2077 Early

If MAX-TAC Were Real, You’d Be Afraid

After seven years, it looks like we’re finally due to get cyberpunk 2077 on its announced release date next week. Not only would a delay this close to December 10th be almost unprecedented, we actually have some copies of the much-anticipated game in the wild, and that means that there’s potential for spoilers, something CD Projekt Red want to avoid.

For those of you who’ve somehow missed the news, Cyberpunk 2077 puts you in the shoes of V, a mercenary in Night City – where the populace routinely modify their bodies whether for aesthetics or practical purposes, whether they’re chroming their entire bodies, merging consciousnesses, or replacing the top halves of their skulls with camera arrays.

We’ve already had one streamer post twenty minutes of gameplay (although, as one commenter noted, the stream consisted of “some stoned bros talking over the top instead of playing.”) but CDPR have commented on the issue as only they can, asking players lucky enough to get one of the year’s most anticipated games early to avoid streaming until the release date, threatening to send MAX-TAC – an elite paramilitary force that takes down Cyberpsychos in Night City – against people who do so.
As terrifying as that prospect is – after all, the average streamer is unlikely to stand a chance against any paramilitary force, much less a cybernetically augmented one devoted to taking down cyberpsychos – fans only have a little longer to wait, with the release date only eight days away.
Cyberpunk 2077
The tweet ends on a lighter – or at least darkly humorous – note, encouraging streamers to stream like there’s no tomorrow, commenting that as it’s 2020 – a year that’s seen civil unrest, pandemics, and massive wildfires on two continents – that may well be a possibility.
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