Co-op Horror Devour Launching on December 28th

Drag Me to Hell

Horror is a tricky thing to get right. It’s not a genre that relies so much on huge budgets or bombastic plots, and sometimes a subtle approach is better, and that means you can do away with huge budgets. Some of the scariest and most memorable survival horror games of recent times have been smaller experiences, whether by budget or feel, and it looks like Devour is following in those footsteps.

The co-operative game pits you and up to three teammates against Anna – a demonically possessed cult leader who wants to drag you to hell. Each game is due to take around an hour to complete, with randomized layouts to keep things fresh. The game also offers a single-player mode, if you’re feeling brave (or think you can scream for four people)

Details are relatively scarce, but it seems as if the game will get progressively more difficult as the match goes on, as Anna and her demonic armies ramp up their attempts to kill you.

“Developed by the small British indie studio Straight Back Games, Devour is a white-knuckle co-op survival horror game for up to four players. While best played cooperatively with easily-scared friends, more hardcore players can experience the scream-inducing Devour on their own. With no two playthroughs ever the same, each Devour terror session can last up to an hour, letting brave souls enjoy fright after fright into a nightly screamfest of epic proportions. Straight Back Games offers their heartfelt condolences in advance! As once devoted cult members, players must steel themselves and work together to stop their cursed leader Anna Puerta from unleashing an unspeakable evil. With the goat demon Azazel possessing her after a ritual gone horribly wrong, Anna’s rage and power will grow with every step the players take in Devour. In a race against time, the players burn ritual goats, evade a growing legion of demons, and ultimately hope to break Azazel’s hold over Anna.”

Do you think you have it takes to take Anna down? The game releases on Steam on January 28th.