Windjammers 2 Has Officially Been Delayed to 2021

Developer, Dotemu Hopes to Add New Features Following the Summer’s Demo Release

Windjammers 2, the latest title by the developer of Streets of Rage 4, has officially been delayed following a series of critical feedback received from the summer demo. The demo was released for a limited period of time earlier this year, running from June 16 to June 22 as part of the Steam Summer Games Festival. While the developer claims to have received a lot of positive feedback, they also take note of the more mixed reactions that garnered their attention.

Windjammers 2

In a statement released on Dotemu’s twitter account, the developer stated how the demo was received and how it led to them re-evaluating the game’s current position and how it can be improved. This ultimately led to the decision to delay the game to 2021 despite the planned 2020 release date.

Perhaps the biggest bit of negative feedback the developer received was over the lack of rollback for the online mode, which was otherwise very well received. Dotemu stated that they have already begun to make the necessary changes they see fit to make the game the Windjammers 2 fans deserve. They also committed themselves to being more consistent and thorough in their attempt to keep fans updated on the latest news surrounding development of the game.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Windjammers is a classic Neo Geo title originally released in 1994. The game is all about extreme disc sports and can be played single player or multi-player. The sequel, Windjammers 2 hopes to stay faithful to the original with some familiar gameplay and characters returning, but will also build upon the series, adding new characters, special moves, game play mechanics, online play, and more.

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