Techland Hints Dying Light 2 Could Be Coming Next Year

Good Night, and Good Luck

Dying Light never really set the world on fire, but it was a solid game. The combination of zombie action, parkour, an interesting storyline and a great score helped it to stand out from other zombie games released around the same time, like Dead Island. A sequel was announced all the way back in 2018 and, while we’ve received some interesting trailers and gameplay footage (see below) hinting at the sort of thing we can expect when the game drops, we haven’t got too much else to go on.

The game is set 15 years after the original and takes place in The City – a vast… well, city, roughly four times the size of the city of Harran. People have adapted to the apocalypse, utilizing parkour and sticking largely to the rooftops to avoid the virals who stalk the streets. The player steps into the shoes of Aiden Caldwell, a zombie infected who keeps his symptoms in check with medication, and can use the heightened agility given to him by the Harran virus to his advantage.

The game was originally scheduled for a 2020 release date but delayed indefinitely, but according to the official discord (As seen in the below Reddit post) we can expect news about the upcoming game in 2021. Does that mean we can hope for a release date next year? Hopefully! Dying Light managed to do a lot with the PS4, so it’s certainly exciting to think about what Techland could do with the PS5’s heightened capabilities.

A day of hope coming in the new year!! Let’s hope 2021 will be a better year all around!! from dyinglight

It is worth noting that we don’t know what state the game will be in when it released. Early gameplay footage showcased heavy choice-based gameplay that promised far-reaching consequences, such as whether to lower the floodwaters in a ruined part of the city, giving more citizens access to water at the expense of uncovering zombies which had long since been lost. The greater processing power of the PS5 could mean that two players games could vary significantly based on their choices, which is no mean feat for a game this size – but with the firing of writer and narrative designer Chris Avellone it’s possible that Techland will be taking things in a different direction.

If I had to rely on parkour to survive, my go-to move would be plummeting to my doom. Let us know yours in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.