Hitman 3 on Switch Will Join the List of Cloud Version Titles

Stream in Stealth

When Nintendo Switch launched, we were all pretty surprised with the way it performed playing games. Nintendo has kind of been known for lacking in the hardware performance department and not in the 50+ man’s way. It handled games from the previous generation well like Skyrim and The Witcher 3, but going forward, we wondered how it would handle new games. They appear to be solving that problem with streaming. The first big game port of theirs to be streamed was Control Ultimate Edition and then there was Doom Eternal earlier this month. Next year, Hitman 3 will also launch on the Switch as a Cloud Version.

Hitman 3

Of course, Hitman 3 is expected to be more demanding and visually impressive than the previous Hitman games, so obviously that would pose a problem for Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, their solution to streaming games from the cloud is taking care of that. Cloud streaming demands a steady internet connection to work properly, which kind of limits the play-wherever-you-want-to schtick. But if you’re happy playing Hitman 3 on your Switch at home, then this should be a non-issue, right?

We got a look at the tone of the World of Assassination’s final entry with the opening cinematic IO Interactive just released a couple of weeks ago. It’s taking on a James Bond-type of style, which is promising since IO Interactive is making just that game in the near future. More and more games on the Switch are Cloud Versions and they are working out pretty well. Maybe cloud gaming will be featured more prominently on this console at some point. Hitman 3 does not have a solid release date, but will be coming out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

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