Elite Dangerous Odyssey Releasing Soon

Listing Suggests a Release Date for Elite Dangerous Odyssey

According to the official Steam pre-order listing for Elite Dangerous Odyssey Deluxe Alpha edition, Frontier Developments’ upcoming title will release in April. This interstellar adventure will offer unrestricted freedom according to Frontier Developments and gamers can take on contracts and missions as they explore the galaxy Frontier has created. The pre-order page suggests a release date of April 21st, while the standard edition confirms that it’s releasing early next year. Elite Dangerous Odyssey will release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC when it releases early next year.

Elite Dangerous MMO Elite Dangerous Horizons Top Screen

Elite Dangerous Odyssey will offer a variety of gameplay options as gamers explore the galaxy such as stealthy takedowns, or all-out combat, the choice is up to you. Similar to the galaxy exploration title No Man’s Sky, Elite Dangerous Odyssey will include a variety of NPCs, not just locations. No Man’s Sky eventually grew to become an endless experience full of content to enjoy, but apparently, Elite Dangerous Odyssey will launch with enough detail and features for gamers to explore the galaxy endlessly day one.

Social hubs are apparently scattered around the Elite Dangerous Odyssey universe and gamers are able to build their own ideal crew to help them in their endeavors. Similar to No Man’s Sky, this includes engineers that will be crucial to establishing a threatening arsenal or bigger ships. Weapons and gear can also be upgraded at the social hubs around the universe in Elite Dangerous Odyssey, adding more progression to the sandbox universe experience.

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