CD Projekt Red Tease Free Cyberpunk 2077 DLC

Night City is Getting Bigger

It may have had a buggy release, and CDPR may be facing a class-action lawsuit from investors who felt that they were misled about the game’s status and readiness for release, but Cyberpunk 2077 is still a truly massive game, and the bad blood towards the developers aren’t getting in the way of their plans to release new, free DLC, with a new page on their site confirming DLC is coming.

We don’t have any details as of yet, but we do know that the first DLC will drop in early 2021. If it follows the same strategies as The Witcher 3, the free DLC is likely to be smaller, like new costumes and cosmetics. As CDPR CEO Adam said when asked whether Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 would have similar approaches to DLC: “Yes, you can expect a similar path after release. You can expect more, actually. We’re not going into too many details today, but everything will be clear before release. As we are close to the release, expect the post-release plans to be revealed fairly soon; a series of free DLCs and expansions will be described – as I said, you can expect it fairly soon and then everything will be made clear.”

The expansions for The Witcher 3 were both paid, but interestingly this statement seems to lump the free FLC and expansions together. Will we see V’s continued journeys for free? Again, we don’t know. Will the DLC be enough to redeem CDPR following Cyberpunk 2077’s botched release? Maybe.

The game is seeing numerous patches over the coming months to bring it to a more playable state, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any big expansions coming up soon – a few simple cosmetics is one thing, but trying to implement new missions and storylines when so much of the team will be focused on getting rid of bugs and improving the game’s graphics is bound to add more issues.

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