Rumor: Poison Ivy Will be a Villain in Gotham Knights

A Deadly Foe Enters the Fray

The Batfamily have built up quite a rogues gallery for themselves, but what makes them stand out is that – for the most part – the villains they face are rooted in reality. Sure, there are superpowered villains, but they’re the minority – Batman is more likely to go against an insane genius, volatile psychopath, or a villain with advanced technology not unlike his own that he is to face anyone with actual superpowers.

Poison Ivy is a big exception – and, arguably, among the most iconic. The eco-terrorist has the power to control plants, a poison touch, and the ability to spread plant-based pheromones to bend her enemies to her will. She’s been a fixture in the franchise since her introduction, usually as an enemy but occasionally (like in Batman: Arkham Knight) as an ally to Batman if the plants of Gotham are at risk.

We’ve already written about how a mysterious tweet has led fans to believe they know the release date, but just like the world’s greatest detective, it looks like the fans might have uncovered more – specifically, hints that Poison Ivy will appear in the upcoming game.

The hint is found in the same poster which led to speculation about a release date. The poster depicts the Flying Graysons – the circus troupe original Robin Dick Grayson was a part of – and advertisers a stint of shows as Robinson Park. It doesn’t seem like much, but the choice to include a poster instead of more traditional holiday trappings, like a tree, has made people go digging, and given that Robinson Park has repeatedly acted as Ivy’s base of operations, fans have latched onto this as a possible hint at her inclusion. After all, we want to see how Gotham’s villains will react to the Caped Crusader’s absence.

Now the question remains – are there more hints to be found?

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