Titanfall 2’s Operation Frontier Shield DLC Out Now

Titanfall 2’s New 4-Player Co-op Mode Comes with It

Looks likeĀ Titanfall 2 players will be able to jump into the game’s latest free DLC content, Operation Frontier Shield, today which includes a bevy of game upgrades and a whole new mode too. The new mode, Frontier Defense, is a horde mode where you and three other buddies fight off swarms of enemies in five increasingly difficult waves. Between waves, players can spend cash from defeating enemies to grab tools like Batteries, Arc Traps, and more. There’ll also be upgrades for your Titans, new enemy types, and five maps at launch.


New Titanfall 2 Mech titanfall-2-pilot-meets-titan

The DLC content is free, and the team notes on its website that the team is excited that the game is still seeing 1 million active users monthly for the game. The game, of course, had an unfortunate release window as it was dropped along with some heavy hitters in the FPS genre too. That said, it’s great to see Respawn is able to support the existing player base with this new content.

Titanfall 2 is currently enjoying a nice discounted sale at half the price for PSN until August 1st.

Source: Respawn Entertainment