Devolver Digital Teases Five Games for 2021

Devolver Digital Releasing 5 Unannounced Games in 2021

Devolver Digital has officially teased five games coming in 2021, leaving many gamers wondering what’s to come in 2021. These projects are strictly unannounced, meaning anything that has already been announced isn’t part of the figure. While Devolver Digital has some titles already in its schedule for 2021, we’re looking forward to seeing what else the studio has cooking up. Devolver Digital’s recently released Carrion is available right now for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Hotline Miami

“Which of the five unannounced Devolver Digital games releasing next year is your most anticipated?” said the official Devolver Digital Twitter account in a recent teaser tweet. This got many fans speculating what’s coming next for the publisher. Many gamers are speculating sequels to existing Devolver Digital properties such as Katana Zero, Hotline Miami, and Serious Sam, but there’s no doubt that at least on of Devolver Digital’s 2021 titles is a new idea altogether.

Some gamers were quick to take to the recent announcement from Devolver Digital to troll, suggesting that one of the new unannounced projects is Half-Life 3 or comedic simulator titles such as Grass Growing Simulator, Paint Drying Simulator, and Poached Egg Simulator. Other gamers had legitimate predictions in the replies to Devolver Digital’s tweet, suggesting Carrion 2, Ruiner 2, Hotline Miami 3, Messenger 2, another Gungeon title, and more. Devolver Digital has yet to confirm any of the suggestions made to them, but it’s likely that one of these games will be announced early next year.

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